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Swabs are a key element in medical and clinical practice and with the onset of COVID-19 they’ve never been in more demand. To meet these emerging needs ASIS Scientific is proud to represent the launching of a new range of swabs from Deltalab.


Deltalab specialises in pre-analytical labware and their ‘Deltaswabs’ were made with liquid flocked swabs in mind. These swab kits come with medias such as Amies, Cary Blair, ViCUM and Virus Media and have options for flocked swabs designed for urethral and nasopharyngeal sampling.


Deltalab is a world-leading manufacturer of labware and has been manufacturing swabs for over 30 years. Their commitment to quality, excellent service, and ethically driven responsibility has enabled Deltalab to see their products used in clinics, hospitals, industries, universities, and laboratories in 125 countries worldwide.


ASIS Scientific’s partnership with the Spain-based Deltalab has been going strong for 12+ years. Through our partnership Deltalab’s wares have supplied the likes of SA Pathology, SA Water, the CSIRO, the University of Adelaide and many more.

Deltalab Swabs 1
Deltalab Swabs 2

A joint commitment to quality, excellent service, and ethically driven responsibility

Deltalab’s new range of liquid flocked swabs have the following features:


      • Compatible with the new inoculation automation and sample streaking equipment.
      • Compatible with molecular diagnostic techniques.
      • Facilitates the collection, transport and subsequent treatment of microbiological samples.
      • Greater reliability for sample recovery: high capacity for the absorption and elution of the sample from the Deltaswab flocked swab.
      • Greater feasibility of the sample as it is totally suspended in the medium.
      • Allows different homogeneous innocula to be obtained from the same sample.
      • It adapts to any working protocol.
      • Minimises any possible cross-contamination: less handling and maximum water tightness.
      • More comfort for the user: conical base which facilitates stirring and greater stability of the tube with skirt base.
      • More comfort for the patient, due to the softer swab covering.
      • Standardises the receipt of samples at the microbiology labs.
      • Facilitates manual streaking.
      • Allows direct extension on the glass slide as the medium does not contain agar.
      • Ensures proper sample transport and storage both at room temperatures (20 °C – 25 °C) and at refrigeration temperatures (4 °C – 8 °C)
      • Maximum reliability and convenience of the breakpoint. are ready to order.

You can find the technical sheet for each of the available items below.

*Available from April-May*

*Temporary until stocks last*

*Temporary until stocks last.*

This only encompasses our flocked liquid swabs range. If you have different swabs in mind please don’t hesitate to reach out to us ASIS Scientific for help.


We can help you get the right swab for the job.


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