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Single-use swabs are a widely-used consumable product in medical research and clinical practice for easy and quick point-of-care diagnostics. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve never been more popular and commonplace. To meet the emerging needs of the medical and research community, ASIS Scientific is proud to represent a new range of swabs from Deltalab.


Deltalab is a world-leading manufacturer of laboratory and medical products, based in the Barcelona region of Spain, and has been manufacturing single-use diagnostic swabs for over 30 years. Their commitment to quality, excellent service, and ethically driven responsibility has enabled Deltalab to see their products used in clinics, hospitals, industries, universities, and laboratories in 125 countries worldwide.


Deltalab’s DeltaSwab range of single-use liquid media swabs are manufactured with flocked swabs and a liquid microbiological medium in the swab tube. DeltaSwabs are available with four kinds of microbiological media: Amies, Cary Blair, ViCUM and Virus. The range of DeltaSwabs includes swab designs suitable for either urethral or nasopharyngeal sampling.


ASIS Scientific’s partnership with Deltalab has been going strong for over 12 years. We have supplied Deltalab products, especially DeltaSwabs, to SA Pathology, SA Water, CSIRO, the University of Adelaide, and many more medical and research organisations at the forefront of clinical and environmental microbiology practice and research.

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A joint commitment to quality, excellent service, and ethically driven responsibility

Deltalab’s range of DeltaSwab liquid flocked swabs have the following benefits:


  • Compatibility with automated inoculation and sample streaking equipment
  • Compatibility with molecular diagnostic techniques
  • High capacity for sample absorption and elution, providing increased testing reliability
  • Excellent sample viability while the swab is fully immersed in the DeltaSwabstube medium
  • Support for different inoculations to be obtained from the same sample
  • Adaptability to any working protocol, including manual streaking, even on glass slides – the medium is free of agar
  • Enhanced comfort for the person being swabbed, with an integrated breakpoint in the swab for quick and easy handling
  • Easy collection, transport and subsequent treatment of microbiological samples, at room temperature (20-25ºC) or refrigerated temperatures (4-8ºC)
  • A conical-base tube with a skirt base, providing easy stirring and stable storage on a bench or countertop
  • Very low risk of cross-contamination, with less manual handling required and very high watertightness

View the technical specifications for the Deltalab DeltaSwabs and other Deltalab products below.

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