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Servicing & Calibration

ASIS Scientific

Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment

Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment

Equipment Calibration

ASIS Scientific is your trusted partner for reliable and timely Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment.
We can perform basic calibration of water quality testers such as pH meters and conductivity meters in our premises while you wait, or we can consult with testing laboratories for NATA-accredited calibration.

Custom Glassblowing

In partnership with our hand-selected glass artisans, ASIS Scientific can provide you with custom-made borosilicate glass products for laboratory and industrial uses. We can modify existing borosilicate glassware or fabricate a brand-new piece to your exact specifications. With your technical drawing in hand, you can rely on us to deliver precisely-made custom glassware.

Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment
Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Setup

If you’re a promising laboratory start-up, or a business looking to expand your capabilities, partnering with the friendly staff at ASIS Scientific is your first step to building and establishing a laboratory that will meet your needs perfectly. Trust in our cumulative experience of over one hundred years in the scientific and technical sector, and our dedication to personalised service.

Consulting Services

The staff of ASIS Scientific, and their consultants, hold impressive expertise in fields such as food and wine production, environmental monitoring, pharmacology, pathology, and electromagnetism. Our promise to you is integrity, honesty, and commitment to your vision. We warmly invite you to visit our Hindmarsh premises, or meet us at the Adelaide location of your choice, to discuss your needs.

Servicing Calibration, Repairs for Laboratory Equipment


Dive into a world of scientific exploration with ASIS Scientific. Discover our diverse selection of premium laboratory products, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive services. Fuel your scientific curiosity, break new ground, and ignite your passion for discovery. Join us on this expedition of scientific excellence.

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