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As a premier reseller of Qorpak laboratory glassware products in Australia, ASIS Scientific takes immense pride in offering an extensive range of top-quality Qorpak laboratory glassware solutions. Qorpak stands as a trusted industry leader, delivering innovative and reliable laboratory glassware that caters to diverse industries and applications.

Qorpak’s pharmaceutical glassware is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. With a strong emphasis on precision and safety, their Qorpak laboratory glassware provides the ideal environment for handling sensitive samples and chemicals.

Safety is paramount when handling chemicals, and Qorpak’s chemical packaging solutions offer unparalleled security and protection. Their containers and closures, designed with Qorpak laboratory glassware, ensure safe storage and transportation of hazardous substances.

Qorpak offers an extensive range of laboratory consumables, including vials, bottles, beakers, closures, and accessories, all incorporating Qorpak laboratory glassware. These consumables streamline research processes, providing researchers with reliable tools for accurate experimentation.

Qorpak’s products find applications across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and more, all of which heavily rely on Qorpak laboratory glassware. As a reseller, ASIS Scientific ensures that you have access to the right solutions for your specific needs.

At Qorpak, customization is a priority, even for their Qorpak laboratory glassware. Their ability to provide tailor-made solutions, including Qorpak laboratory glassware, enables customers to find the perfect fit for their laboratory and packaging requirements. ASIS Scientific assists you in identifying and obtaining personalized solutions that incorporate Qorpak laboratory glassware.

Qorpak is committed to environmental responsibility, offering sustainable packaging alternatives, including Qorpak laboratory glassware, that reflect their dedication to reducing the environmental impact. By opting for their eco-friendly options, customers actively contribute to environmental conservation, driven in part by Qorpak laboratory glassware.

“In a sentence, Qorpak makes it easy for us. Questions are answered, inventory is never an issue, all problems are addressed and solved quickly”

Qorpak offers a diverse range of products, and some of their most popular ones include:

    1. Glass Bottles and Vials: Qorpak is renowned for its high-quality glass bottles and vials, which are widely used in various industries for sample storage, chemical packaging, and laboratory applications.

    1. Plastic Bottles and Containers: Qorpak’s plastic bottles and containers are popular choices for storing and transporting liquids and chemicals safely. They come in various sizes and are designed for easy handling and storage.

    1. Caps and Closures: Qorpak provides a wide selection of caps and closures that complement their bottles and containers. These caps ensure secure sealing and prevent leaks, making them essential components for reliable packaging solutions.

    1. Lab Glassware: Qorpak’s laboratory glassware, including beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders, are favored by researchers and scientists for their precision and durability in laboratory experiments and analysis.

    1. Sample Containers: Qorpak’s sample containers are commonly used for collecting and preserving samples in environmental and research settings, ensuring accurate and reliable sample analysis.

    1. Specimen Containers: Specimen containers from Qorpak are popular choices for healthcare facilities and laboratories, designed to securely hold biological samples for transport and analysis.

    1. Plastic Bags: Qorpak’s plastic bags are widely used for general laboratory purposes, sample storage, and organization, ensuring convenience and efficiency in various applications.

    1. Dropper Bottles: Qorpak’s dropper bottles are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for dispensing precise amounts of liquid medications and solutions.

    1. Pipettes and Pipette Tips: Qorpak offers high-quality pipettes and pipette tips used in accurate liquid handling and sample transfers in laboratory workflows.

    1. Laboratory Filtration Products: Qorpak provides a variety of laboratory filtration products, including filter papers, membranes, and syringe filters, used in sample preparation and separation processes.

These popular products from Qorpak are trusted by professionals across industries for their reliability, precision, and performance, making them essential components in various laboratory and packaging applications.

Qorpak’s products, especially their Qorpak laboratory glassware, meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety requirements. As a reseller, ASIS Scientific guarantees that you have access to certified and compliant products, including Qorpak laboratory glassware, providing peace of mind in your laboratory practices.

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Choosing ASIS Scientific as your reseller means gaining access to expert support and technical assistance, particularly when it comes to Qorpak laboratory glassware. Our dedicated team offers guidance on selecting the most suitable Qorpak laboratory glassware products for your specific applications, ensuring a seamless experience.

ASIS Scientific is honored to be associated with Qorpak, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By partnering with us, you gain access to Qorpak’s innovative products, including Qorpak laboratory glassware, opening up new possibilities for your laboratory and packaging needs. With ASIS Scientific’s comprehensive range of Qorpak products, including Qorpak laboratory glassware, you can elevate your research and laboratory operations. Whether you require pharmaceutical glassware, chemical packaging solutions, or laboratory consumables, our partnership with Qorpak, centered around Qorpak laboratory glassware, enables you to access premium-quality products that are trusted by professionals worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns Qorpak?

Berlin Packaging acquired Qorpak in 2010. Berlin Packaging is North America’s premier supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures.

What are 4 common glassware used in laboratory?

Common Laboratory Glassware

Beakers Erlenmeyer Flasks
Watch Glass Test-Tubes & Rack
Graduated Cylinder Filtering Flask
Volumetric Flask Separatory Funnel
Boiling Flask Volumetric Buret

What glass equipment is used in lab?

Beakers are simple cylindrical shaped containers used to hold reagents or samples. Flasks are narrow-necked glass containers, typically conical or spherical, used in a laboratory to hold reagents or samples. Examples flasks include the Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask, and Schlenk flask.

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