Sigma-Aldrich: a Subsidiary of Merck

Sigma Aldrich a subsidiary of Merck

Throughout its history, Sigma-Aldrich focused on providing scientists, researchers, and companies with the tools and reagents needed for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials science, and more.

In 2015, Sigma-Aldrich was acquired by Merck KGaA, a leading pharmaceutical and chemical company headquartered in Germany. The acquisition brought together two strong entities to create a global leader in life science and technology.

Our vision is a world where our innovative products, services, and digital offerings help create solutions for people globally and a sustainable future for generations to come.Sigma-Aldrich/Merck

Today, Sigma-Aldrich, a business unit of Merck KGaA, continues to be at the forefront of supplying high-quality research chemicals, biochemicals, and laboratory equipment. It operates globally, serving customers in academia, industry, and government institutions, and remains committed to enabling scientific progress and innovation.

Sigma-Aldrich’s history reflects its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and supporting advancements in science and technology, making it a trusted partner for researchers and scientists worldwide and supplies and manufactures a wide range of chemicals that cater to diverse scientific disciplines and industries. Their extensive product portfolio includes:


    1. Organic Compounds: Sigma-Aldrich offers an extensive selection of organic compounds, ranging from simple molecules to complex structures. These compounds serve as building blocks for chemical synthesis, drug discovery, and organic chemistry research.

    1. Inorganic Compounds: Sigma-Aldrich provides a comprehensive range of inorganic compounds, including salts, metals, metal oxides, and coordination complexes. These chemicals find applications in areas such as materials science, catalysis, and analytical chemistry.

    1. Solvents: Sigma-Aldrich offers a variety of high-purity solvents for laboratory use. These solvents are essential for dissolving, diluting, and extracting various substances during chemical reactions and sample preparation.

    1. Analytical Standards: Supplies a diverse range of analytical standards, including certified reference materials and calibration standards. These standards ensure the accuracy and reliability of analytical measurements, supporting quality control, method validation, and instrument calibration.

    1. Biochemicals: Provides a wide range of biochemicals, including enzymes, substrates, inhibitors, and cofactors. These biochemicals are vital for life sciences research, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and drug discovery.

    1. Antibodies: Offering a comprehensive collection of antibodies for use in various applications, such as immunohistochemistry, western blotting, and flow cytometry. These antibodies enable the detection and analysis of specific proteins and biomarkers.

    1. Reagents and Kits: Supplies a broad range of reagents and kits for various laboratory applications. These include reagents for DNA/RNA isolation and purification, PCR amplification, cell culture, and protein analysis.

    1. Laboratory Equipment and Consumables: Also provides a range of laboratory equipment and consumables, including glassware, plasticware, filtration products, and lab essentials.


Figure 1 : Sigma Aldrich’s logo before its acquisition.

ASIS Scientific, a leading chemical supplier in Australia, takes pride in their collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich, a globally recognized leader in chemical supply and manufacturing. With a shared commitment to scientific progress, ASIS Scientific plays a pivotal role in representing and supplying Sigma-Aldrich’s extensive range of high-quality laboratory chemicals and biochemicals. This article highlights ASIS Scientific’s dedication to empowering researchers in Australia, their expertise in chemical distribution, and the valuable partnership they have forged with Sigma-Aldrich.

As a trusted chemical supplier, ASIS Scientific understands the critical role that laboratory chemicals play in advancing scientific research. Through their partnership with Sigma-Aldrich, they have gained access to an unparalleled product catalog. This includes a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds, solvents, analytical standards, enzymes, antibodies, and more. By offering Sigma-Aldrich’s comprehensive product range, ASIS Scientific ensures that researchers in Australia have access to the cutting-edge chemical solutions they need to drive their scientific endeavors.

ASIS Scientific’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their efficient distribution network. They take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and technical support, ensuring that scientists and researchers can obtain the necessary chemicals promptly and with ease. By working closely with Sigma-Aldrich, ASIS Scientific has gained invaluable expertise in chemical distribution, allowing them to provide seamless access to Sigma-Aldrich’s premium-quality laboratory chemicals and biochemicals throughout Australia.


Figure 2 : Sigma Aldrich example of laboratory chemicals.

The partnership between ASIS Scientific and Sigma-Aldrich strengthens the scientific community in Australia. Researchers can rely on ASIS Scientific as a trusted resource for Sigma-Aldrich’s renowned product range. Whether it’s in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials science, or environmental analysis, ASIS Scientific ensures that scientists have access to the essential tools they need to make groundbreaking discoveries and advancements within their fields.

The commitment to scientific progress and excellence is shared by both ASIS Scientific and Sigma-Aldrich. ASIS Scientific takes pride in their role as a reliable representative of Sigma-Aldrich in Australia, enabling researchers to access high-quality laboratory chemicals and biochemicals with confidence. By leveraging the expertise of Sigma-Aldrich and their commitment to quality control, ASIS Scientific contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation within the Australian scientific community.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sigma-Aldrich known for?

Aldrich is a supplier in the research and fine chemicals market. Aldrich provides organic and inorganic chemicals, building blocks, reagents, advanced materials and stable isotopes for chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry and materials science.

What is Sigma-Aldrich used for?

Products and services for mRNA research, development, manufacturing, formulation, and quality control. Custom Products and Services, including DNA oligos, RNA, siRNA, and Custom Peptides.

Can we order Sigma Aldrich chemicals through ASIS Scientific?

You can! Simply type in the chemical you are specifically looking for on our search bar and find the chemical required, within the next page click the add to quote list button and submit your request, an ASIS Scientific representative will get back to you shortly with competitive pricing.

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