Supply your laboratory or workshop with a complete collection of general-purpose laboratory plasticware. ASIS Scientific has supplied education, research, and industrial clients for over twenty years.


Choose from beakers, flasks, measuring cylinders, and more. Brands include Kartell, ISOLAB, and Azlon.

Cryo Plastics

Handle low- and ultra-low-temperature chemicals and samples in high-quality plasticware specific for this application. ASIS Scientific can also provide additional ultra-low-temperature cryoware and liquid nitrogen Dewars to complete your setup.


Choose from centrifuge tubes, specimen containers, and more. Brands include Deltalab and BRAND.


Enjoy the convenience and hygiene benefits of single-use plasticware, ideal for educational or medical settings. ASIS Scientific stocks popular disposable plasticware lines for speedy freight around Australia.


Choose from test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and storage containers, with optional features such as individual packaging, sterile packaging, or integrated labels and barcodes available on many products. Brands include Sarstedt, Kartell, and AZLON.


Conduct complex chemical synthesis and purification in plasticware that is QuickFit compatible and interchangeable with QuickFit interchangeable glassware. ASIS Scientific are experts in QuickFit labware for education and research clients.


Choose adapters and flasks from Azlon and Kartell.


Control the flow of liquids or gases between two places with laboratory-grade tubing, which is also suitable for architectural or artistic applications. ASIS Scientific holds stock of popular tubing products for immediate ordering.


Choose tubing made of PVC, PE, silicone, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and more. Brands include Deutsch & Neumann, Kartell, and BRAND.


Measure liquids and solutions with high accuracy and precision with volumetric plasticware. ASIS Scientific stocks a wide range of laboratory plasticware for wet chemistry in educational or industrial settings.


Choose from burettes, volumetric or graduated pipettes, and volumetric flasks. Brands include Kartell, ISOLAB, and Azlon.

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