ASIS Scientific stocks a wide range of high-quality general-purpose laboratory glassware for education, research, and industrial use. In this category, browse through beakers, flasks, measuring cylinders, watch glasses, and other general glassware, from brands including Schott DURAN, ISOLAB, and Hirschmann.


Enjoy the convenience of single-use glassware, which is ideal for educational or medical settings. Products include test tubes, culture tubes, and capillary tubes, from brands including Schott DURAN, ISOLAB, and Hirschmann.


Quartz glass provides a higher melting point than standard soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass, which makes it ideal for ultra-high temperature chemistry. Schott provides quartz glass versions of most laboratory glassware, which you can view here.


Genuine QuickFit and other types of interchangeable glassware are found here. Suitable for wet chemistry laboratories that require sophisticated synthesis or distillation setups. Brands include QuickFit, Schott DURAN, and ISOLAB.


Browse through our selection of glass tubing for architectural, artistic, or laboratory purposes. Different sizes are available upon special request, so contact us today for more information.


Glassware specifically designed for high-precision measurement of volume is found here. Products include burettes, volumetric and graduated pipettes, and volumetric flasks, from brands including Schott DURAN, ISOLAB, and Hirschmann.

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