Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges and extraction thimbles are ideal products for in-line filtration, such as in a pipe or tube carrying the fluid to be filtered. A wide variety of filter materials, shapes, and sizes are available from brands including Advantec and Whatman.

Filter Paper

When performing filtration in the laboratory or field, the right filter paper can give you the best separation in the shortest amount of time. Choose from qualitative or quantitative filter paper, made of cellulose blends or plastic polymers, in a variety of sizes and shapes. Brands include Advantec, Filtech, and MicroScience.

Filtration Apparatus

Combine a vacuum pump with a filtration apparatus for reliable, high-performance filtration in the laboratory or field. A variety of sizes and styles are available for biological, chemical, or environmental filtration processes. Brands include Advantec and Wiggens.

Membrane Filters

Specialised filtration apparatus are engineered to work with specialty membrane filters, which are porous plastic films with different characteristics and sizes. Browse through our selection from brands including Advantec, Millipore, and Anpel.

Syringe Filters

Syringe filters provide quick, clean, and self-contained filtration – simply load a syringe with your sample, inject it into the syringe filter, collect the filtrate, then throw away the filter. They are ideal when hygiene and sterility are of most importance, especially for instrumental analysis or microbiology. Brands include Advantec, Millipore, and Anpel.

Water Purification

Filter and purify water on-demand with equipment available from ASIS Scientific. Different levels of purification are available: from drinkable water to ultra-low conductivity water, for food and beverage processing to research and engineering settings. Brands include Millipore and Technos.

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