Air Monitoring

Measure, check, and control the quality of your air. Products in this category include gas detection equipment, hygrometers, and air speed monitors, and are ideal for those working in environmental monitoring, hazardous industries, and climate control. Brands include Testo, Hanna Instruments, and Thermoline Scientific.

Analytical Chemistry

This category is home to advanced apparatus for analytical chemistry and material characterisation. Products include viscometers and general purpose spectrometers from brands including A&D and IEC.


Ensure the highest standards of hygiene in your medical clinic or laboratory with an autoclave from IEC.

Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological safety in the lab or clinic starts with the right kind of biological safety cabinet. A diverse selection of cabinets with features suiting your needs is available from Esco.

Bottle-Top Dispensers

Safe, controllable, and easy dispensing of liquids is possible by choosing the right bottle-top dispenser. We especially recommended bottle-top dispensers for working with strong acids or solvents – please contact us to discuss your needs. Brands include Schott, ISOLAB, and Hirschmann.


You spin me right round! Enhance your biological research with hand-cranked and electronic centrifuges from brands including Thermoline Scientific and Centurion Scientific.


Specialised products for working with low and ultra-low temperatures are found here. Products in this category include containers and racks for freezer storage, as well as safety equipment specific for handling cold objects. Brands include Kartell, ISOLAB, and BRAND.

Dry Block Heaters and Heating Mantles

The discerning chemist ensures their safety and enhances their chemistry by warming flammable substances in a blanket of dry heat provided by a block heater or mantle. Choose dry-block heaters and heating mantles from Wiggens, RATEK, and Thermoline.


Electrochemistry products such as electrodes and wires are found in this category. They are frequently used with water quality testing equipment for environmental monitoring, or with cyclic voltammetry equipment for experimental electrochemistry. Brands include Ionode, Hanna Instruments, and Ionix.

General Labware

The General Labware category is home to the products that do not fall into any other category here. Products include rubber stoppers, crucibles, mortars and pestles, Bunsen burners, timers, magnetic stirrer bars, desiccators, pipette fillers, tongs and forceps, clamps and stands, and much, much more! Most brands of laboratory equipment are represented here.

Hotplates, Mixers and Stirrers

Essential for any laboratory, find here a wide selection of hotplates, mixers, stirrers, and combination units from brands like Wiggens, RATEK, IKA, and IEC.


Using a hydrometer is the easiest way to determine the density of a liquid, and are vital for the beverage, chemical, and personal care industries. Traditional glass hydrometers and electronic hydrometers are available from brands like Carlton Glass, Hanna Instruments, and Technos.

Incubators, Ovens, Fridges, and Freezers

Whether you’re warming up or cooling down, you can strictly control the temperature of your specimens, chemicals, or samples with a fantastic range of incubators, ovens, fridges, and freezers. Products in this category can cool down to -80ºC or heat up to over 1,000ºC safely and reliably. Brands include RATEK, Thermoline Scientific, and IKA. If these products don’t quite meet your needs, please contact us and ask about custom-made ovens, fridges, and freezers.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Safely transport liquid nitrogen around your laboratory or worksite in a Dewar. Various sizes and styles of Dewar are available from KGW Isotherm.


Equipment and apparatus specific for medical diagnosis and treatment are available here. Products include surgical forceps and scissors, scalpel handles, and plasticware for bedside hygiene, from brands including Met-App and Hecht-Assistent.


General-purpose labware made out of metals such as aluminium or stainless steel is in this category. Products include metal beakers, trays, spatulas, scoops, and stands, from brands including Met-App, ISOLAB, and VOMM.


Microbiology demands specialised equipment for working with the tiniest living organisms. Enhance your research and industrial hygiene with products like microscope slide racks, colony counters, staining jars and racks, and inoculation loops, from brands including Technos, Kartell, and IEC.


Dive into the microworld with high-quality microscopes for all purposes. Browse through our selection of dissecting and stereoscopic microscopes and accessories from Motic Optical, suitable for education, research, and analysis.

Photometry and Colorimetry

Photometers and colorimeters represent an easy and reliable method of chemical analysis, commonly used for environmental testing. Test for an enormous array of chemicals in any kind of sample, and wait for a colour change to tell you what you need to know. Brands include Merck, Hanna Instruments, and Lovibond.

Pipettes and Titrators

For all your liquid handling requirements, choose from a wide selection of mechanical and electronic pipettes and titrators from brands including Sartorius Biohit, Hirschmann, and Hanna Instruments.


A substance can often bend light, or refract, depending on its concentration. Test the amount of refraction quickly and easily with a refractometer. Choose from optical or electronic refractometers from Hanna Instruments, Technos, and Lumy Optical.


Laboratory safety is literally vital to your health. An incredible selection of multipurpose and multi-use safety equipment is available from ASIS Scientific to help you keep on working without injury. Products include safety goggles, lab coats, aprons, safety shields, eye wash kits, bottle carriers, protective mats, and more. Brands include Kartell, Azlon, IEC, Bolle, and Met-App.

Sieves and Sieve Shakers

Mineral and ore characterisation starts with a set of sieves for particle size determination. Increase the rate of your analysis with a sieve shaker, which saves time and effort. Brands include Endecotts and ESSA.


Is your laboratory full of stuff that doesn’t have a home? Can you never find what you need, when you need it? Have you given up on seeing the floor of your workshop? We have the solution! This category is home to storage products for all kinds of laboratories and industries. Brands include Kartell, Technos, Met-App, and ISOLAB.


Take control of your environment by measuring the temperature with a variety of thermometry products from ASIS Scientific. Choose from classic liquid thermometers, probe thermometers, infrared thermometers, and thermal imaging cameras. Brands include Testo, Ludwig Schneider, and Technos.

Vacuum Pumps

Improve your filtration, speed up your distillations, and move gases around with ease with a vacuum pump. Various pumps are available to suit every industry, scenario, chemical, and budget. Choose from pumps from Wiggens, Javac, and KNF.

Water Baths

You can provide gentle, constant heating or cooling with a temperature-controlled water bath. They are ideal for non-hazardous chemicals and biological samples. Recirculating or sonicating water baths provide added functionality. Brands include RATEK, IKA, and Soniclean.

Water Quality

Water is our most precious resource, and ensuring its quality is crucial for environmental health and food production. ASIS Scientific boasts a fantastic range of water quality testing equipment for laboratory and field use, from Australian and international brands including WTW, Hanna Instruments, Ionix, TPS, and Horiba.


From micrograms to kilograms and everything in between, this category is home to balances and scales for laboratory, educational, and industrial uses from A&D Weighing.

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