A clean lab is a safe lab. Save time and ensure hygiene with a selection of cleaning consumables, such as wipes and sponges, and cleaning equipment such as mops, brushes, and brooms. Consumables brands include Kimberly-Clark and Chux, and equipment is available from VIKAN.


Rapid diagnosis of diseases leads to rapid treatment and better patient care. Reliable blood and urine tests are the first step in ensuring workplace safety. ASIS Scientific provides a range of diagnostic consumables such as transport swabs and urine drug screening kits from brands including Deltalab and Biosigma.


The constant companion of hard-working hands. The right glove provides protection and comfort in any setting, whether they’re latex, nitrile, or vinyl. A large variety is available from brands including Medicom, Supermax, and Ansell.


Disposable gowns and cover-alls represent a safer option than laboratory gowns or coats in high-risk settings. Select from a variety of colours, sizes, and materials from the Medicom range.


Single-use face masks provide safety in sterile settings or dangerous environments. Choose from the most essential single-ply masks up to the most advanced plastic face shields, from Medicom.


Single-use items for the medical clinic and laboratory are found in this category, including scalpel blades, tongue depressors, blood lancets, and single-use plasticware, from brands including Met-App and Hecht-Assistent.


Stationery and paper specific for the laboratory is found here, such as stickers, markers, and textas. Brands include ISOLAB, Kartell, and VIKAN.

Syringes and Needles

Syringes and needles, both sterile and non-sterile, are the easiest way to transfer small quantities of liquids. Both Luer-slip and Luer-lock syringes and needles are available, providing convenience and security. Brands include Terumo and Hapool.

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