Save time and ensure hygiene and compliance in your laboratory and workplace with a selection of cleaning consumables. ASIS Scientific supplies consumables and equipment for cleaning laboratories and factory floors.


Choose from wipes, sponges, mops, brushes, brooms, and more. Brands include Who Gives a Crap, Kimberly-Clark, and VIKAN.


Perform easy and quick point-of-care diagnostics in a clinical or research setting with diagnostic consumables. ASIS Scientific stocks selected diagnostic transport swabs for rapid microbiological testing with express shipping across Australia. View more information about Deltalab DeltaSwab diagnostic swabs for microbiological testing here.


Choose from transport swabs, sterile swabs without media, rapid drug screening kits, and more. Brands include Deltalab, Biosigma, and Sarstedt.


Provide protection and comfort to hard-working hands in any setting with the right gloves for you. ASIS Scientific supplies laboratories and hospitals around South Australia with quality disposable and reusable gloves.


Choose from latex, nitrile, vinyl, and rubber, with sterile options available. Brands include Bastion, Supermax, and Ansell.


Protect your clothing from spills and stains with disposable gowns and cover-alls. ASIS Scientific’s range of disposable safety products maintains hygiene and protection in various settings.


Choose from gowns, coats, cover-alls, and more. Brands include Bastion, SMS Calibre, and many more.


Guard against infection, volatile chemicals, unpleasant scents, and other dangerous airborne threats with disposable face masks and shields. ASIS Scientific supplies laboratories, hospitals, and biotechnology companies across Australia and the world.


Choose from single-ply surgical masks, advanced respirator masks, and plastic face shields. Brands include Detmold and many more.


Provide the best patient care with reliable and efficient practice in your medical clinic or diagnostic laboratory. ASIS Scientific provides medical consumables for bedside, in-patient, clinic, aged care, and pharmacy settings.


Choose from scalpel blades, blood lancets, tongue depressors, and more. Brands include Met-App and Swann-Morton.


Stock your laboratory with specialised stationery and paper. ASIS Scientific can supply your needs 24/7 with fast shipping and a convenient online store.


Choose from stickers, markers, and textas, specifically designed for laboratory settings. Brands include ISOLAB, Kartell, and VIKAN.

Syringes and Needles

Transfer liquids safely, and provide quick and efficient patient care, with syringes and needles. ASIS Scientific supplies an extensive range of syringes and needles for medical and laboratory use.


Choose from Luer-slip and Luer-lock syringes and needles in different sizes, with sterile and non-sterile options. Brands include Terumo and Hapool.

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