Acids and Bases

Stock your laboratory with a wide range of essential acids and bases. ASIS Scientific holds stock of many popular acids and bases for quick shipping Australia-wide.


Choose from concentrated mineral or organic acids, solid crystalline or powder bases, and standard solutions of acids and bases at a variety of concentrations. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and RCI Labscan.


Maintain the performance of your pH meters in the lab and the field, and keep your cell cultures happy and thriving. ASIS Scientific provides an extensive selection of ready-made buffer solutions and pre-packed buffer tablets and powders that you can prepare on demand.


Choose from standard buffers at pH 4, 7, and 10, as well as specialised buffers for molecular biology such as Tris and HEPES. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, Hach, and ACR.


Separate, purify, and characterise chemical species with high-performance, high-reliability chromatography products to suit your laboratory. ASIS Scientific, in partnership with leading consultants, can help you select the best products for your workflow and specifications.


Choose from loose-fill media, TLC plates, and HPLC columns, from Merck’s extensive range of chromatography products.

Cleaning Reagents and Detergents

Save time and ensure hygiene and compliance in your laboratory and workplace with powerful cleaning reagents and detergents. ASIS Scientific supplies chemicals for cleaning labware and surfaces, as well as specialised products for technical applications.


Choose from standard detergents, lab dishwasher detergents, enzymatic cleaners, and molecular biology surfactants. Brands include Merck, DECON, and Ecolab.

Enzyme Kits

Evaluate the quality and analyse the composition of your wines with enzymes and enzymatic analysis kits. ASIS Scientific boasts world-class expertise in wine analysis products and methods.


Choose from full enzyme kits, individual enzymes and cofactors in powder or solution form, and wine analysis standard solutions. We exclusively supply products from Unitech Scientific from Napa Valley, California.


Empower your laboratory with an extensive selection of inorganic reagents. ASIS Scientific holds stock of many popular inorganic solids and liquids for rapid delivery to your door.


Choose from mineral salts, pure elements, and inorganic reagents for synthesis. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and Scharlau.

Microbiology Media

Support the growth of your laboratory’s microbiology research and operations. ASIS Scientific staff have decades of experience recommending microbiology products.


Choose from ready-made plates, media powders and solutions, and microbiology nutrients and stains. Brands include Amyl Media, Merck, and SIGMA Aldrich.

Molecular Biology

Unlock your laboratory’s capabilities with high-purity, specialised reagents and enzymes for biochemical and pharmaceutical research. ASIS Scientific has gladly supported public and private sector life science laboratories for over 20 years.


Choose from amino acids, nuclear bases, oligos, sugars, and saccharides. Brands include Merck, Acros, and TCI.


Dissolve, clean, purify, and workup with ease. ASIS Scientific holds extensive stock of popular solvents and supplies thousands more on demand.


Choose from alkanes, alcohols, ethers, aromatics, and more. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and Honeywell Burdick & Jackson.

Stains and Indicators

Colour your world with stains, indicators, and fixatives for chemistry, microbiology, and pathology. ASIS Scientific provides an incredible selection of chemicals for labs around the world.


Choose from pH indicators, microbiology stains, complexometry and redox reagents, and pathology stains. Brands include Australian Biostain, Chem Supply, and Merck.


Ensure highest quality, purity, and compliance in your lab and in the field. ASIS Scientific can provide standard solutions with supporting documentation to ensure conformity with GLP and ISO standards.


Choose from chemical standards to percentage concentration, normalised concentration, or molar concentration. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and Scharlau.


Stay at the forefront of novel chemical research with small molecule synthetic reagents. ASIS Scientific boasts an amazing range of synthetic reagents from international suppliers.


Choose from organic precursors, catalysts, bioreagents, and many more. Brands include Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, and TCI.

Test Kits

Enjoy the convenience of ready-made single-use test kits for lab and field work with or without instruments. ASIS Scientific provides a wide selection of test kits for environmental, food and beverage, and primary industry applications.


Choose test kits for pH, single element or ion, water hardness, and more. Brands include Merck, Lovibond, and Hach.

Test Strips

Test solutions and samples quickly and easily, without instruments or complex procedures, with single-use test strips. ASIS Scientific stocks a selection of popular test strips for immediate delivery from our Hindmarsh warehouse.


Choose test strips for pH, single element or ion, glucose, and more. Brands include Merck, Precision Laboratories, and Macherey-Nagel.

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