Acids and Bases

From hydrochloric acid to citric acid, and potassium hydroxide to ammonia; organic and inorganic; pure reagents and ready-made solutions: we have it all. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and RCI Labscan.


Keep your pH meters in tip-top shape and your cell cultures happy and thriving. Choose from ready-made solutions, tablets, and powders. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and ACR.


Chromatography is a chemical method to separate chemical mixtures based on their properties. Chromatography types include adsorption chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, and size-exclusion chromatography. ASIS Scientific provides loose-fill chromatography media, thin-layer chromatography plates, as well as ready-to-use columns for high-performance liquid chromatography systems, from Merck.

Cleaning Reagents and Detergents

A clean lab is a safe lab. Save time and ensure hygiene with a selection of general and specialised detergents and cleaning reagents. Brands include Merck and Decon.

Enzyme Kits

For our most discerning winery clients, we are pleased to present a variety of enzymes and enzyme kits for your wine analysis needs from Unitech Scientific, located in the heart of the Napa Valley in California.


Come browse through all sorts of inorganic solids and liquids, from pure elements to complex salts. If there’s no carbon-hydrogen bond, and it’s not an acid or base, it’s right here! Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and Scharlau.

Microbiology Media

From little things, big things grow. For microbiological monitoring, cultivation, and research, you will find ready-made plates, media powders, media granules, and ready-made media solutions here, as well as nutrients and stains specific for microbiology. Brands include Amyl Media and Merck.

Molecular Biology

Specialised reagents and enzymes for biochemical, genetic, and pharmaceutical research are found here. Browse through a selection of amino acids, nuclear bases and their derivatives, oligopeptides, oligonucleotides, sugars and their derivatives, and enzymes in every shape and form. Brands include Merck, Acros, and TCI.


Liquid solvents for cleaning, chromatography, synthesis, and workup are represented in this category. Choose from alkanes, alcohols, ethers, esters, nitriles, aromatics, and more, from brands like Merck, Chem Supply, and Honeywell Burdick & Jackson.

Stains and Indicators

Stains and specialised fixatives for microbiology and pathology, and indicators for pH titration and determination, complexometry, and redox reactions. Brands represented include Australian Biostain, Chem Supply, and Merck.

Sputtering Targets



For the highest assurance of quality and purity, insist on ready-made standard solutions to concentrations of percentage, normalised concentration, or molarity. Ask us today about obtaining technical documentation on these products. Brands include Merck, Chem Supply, and Scharlau.


Small molecule reagents for novel chemical synthesis are in abundance at ASIS Scientific. For those at the frontiers of chemistry, pharmacology, and materials science, we offer you fine reagents from brands like Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, and TCI.

Test Kits

Single-use test kits for chemical analysis are found here. We especially recommend them for rapid and mobile analysis of soils and waterways. Brands include Merck and Lovibond.

Test Strips

Test strips can quickly measure the concentration of a chemical in a sample, or the pH of an acid or base, without expensive equipment or tricky procedures. When the strip provides a reading, simply throw it away – it couldn’t be easier! Brands include Merck and Precision Laboratories.

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